This project is aimed at developing an Air Traffic Control simulator for the Imam Khomeini international airport as a concept demonstrator. This interactive ATC simulator, makes an immersive exprience for the controllers to train and enhance their decision-making abilities in a virtual low-risk environment. This also enables us to analyze, research and solve problems regarding the airport’s traffic operation.


Air Traffic Control

The ATC system follows the top to bottom multi-layered control scheme. The delivery clearance center,tower and ground control and the approach center/TRACON are all operational and the operator has full control within their respective duties. All the aircrafts in the airspace are controlled by an AI engine allowinng them to fly according to live air traffic data or to be scheduled by the moderator. Countless possibilities can be simulated and the operator has to react according to the situation at hand. This makes the ATC simulator a poerful tool representing real-world situations and training personnel

Airplane AI

In order to simulate inbound and ourband traffic we developed a simplified flight model using the graphics engine AI system. Our airplane model is based on a simplified version of flight dynamics equations. It uses AI for path-following in order to implement standard approach and departure flight patterns. It is capable of taxiing, takeoff and landing all by itself. All flight paths can be updated in real-time, allowing the aircraft model to incorporate live data